G Bradley


The early days of wakeboarding saw a sport searching for an identity and direction, and it’s a stroke of good fortune that G Bradley was connected with Future Hall of Famers Rich Goforth, Scott Byerly, Brandon Meek, Sarah Cline and Erik “Gator” Lutgert. The time was the early 1990’s, wakeboarding was in its infancy and G Bradley had a passion for filming and unmitigated access to front line style riders displaying the proper way to ride wakeboards. With a consumer base of fans hungering to see the latest and greatest in wakeboarding, his first creations, “Gravity Sucks” was ground breaking, and his follow up, “Wake the Beast”, was the first documentary to show the twin tip boards and the new way they could be ridden. G Bradley is modest regarding his contributions and like he did with his camera, he puts the focus back on the riders. “None of this would have been possible without the amazing talent that made my productions possible,” Commented Bradly. “ I was so fortunate to meet and film all these legendary wakeboarders. Thanks for the good ride.