The Golden Mic Podcast

A collection of amazing interviews brought to you by Dano the Mano

Like many of the announcers before him, Dano has the respect of the riders. Riders know that he will represent their brand and their image in the best way possible. Having been a childhood friend of Erik Ruck certainly brings along some street cred for sure. He borderlines on entertainer not just announcer several times at events I’ll see him walking around tossing a yo-yo around, and his love for pro style wrestling sure shows through within his demeanor. He loves Waterskiing which is important, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Dano is focused on the future as well, if you haven’t heard one of his podcasts you need to. His idea of the podcast is to allow the wake fan access inside the lives of the riders while on the go. Ive been checking them out while Im driving in the car, just awesome stuff. Dano has been generous enough to let us feature some of his best (hint: they’re all good) interviews on our website! Feel free to stick around for a while and enjoy them!


The Golden Mic Podcast releases the first and third wednesday of every month, 24 episodes a year, free on iTunes and  You can support, by subscribing, telling a friend, and of course listening!  He likes feedback, too so go ahead and email him at