Honor & Preserve



A big part of the WHOF mission is to Honor and Preserve.
We HONOR the Greats of Wake by sharing their larger than life stories, acclaimed photos, and vintage videos that have stood the test of time. There is so much to share and remember, and the WHOF is on a quest to bring you stories of significance from far and wide.
We PRESERVE the history by collecting, organizing, documenting, and presenting the world with the influential people and groundbreaking events that have shaped Wake in its many forms.


We want to do much more than just post pretty pictures.
Our aim is to delve deeper into the history by adding key info to our media. The “time capsule” we attach to each image is a gift to the future. Whenever possible will include the dates and names of the riders, photographers, and videographers who came together to create those magic moments worth remembering.
In the decades to come there will be many who seek the Story of Wake, and they will find it here.


History of Wake
The development of Wake took many decades, and we are only now starting to consider it in an organized and objective manner. It is perfect timing for the WHOF to take the lead in this worthy cause. We are far enough away from the rise of Wake to get some historical perspective, but not so far to have lost touch with the most of the innovative personalities directly responsible for creating new ways to ride.


Seeking the Truth
It is the mandate of the WHOF to get as close to the truth as possible. To this end we are developing a verification process that includes confirmation from multiple trustworthy sources. Dated magazines and videos are a good start for verification, but there are many good sources.


While we will make every effort to get the dates and facts straight, there will be times when new info comes to light. When that does occur we want to hear from you if you can document an earlier date, different person, or alternate version.


We aim to be an organization of inclusion, not exclusion.


We present our findings with gratitude, and are thankful to be a part of Honoring and Preserving the legacy that is Wake.