Kelly Kingman

Photographer – Wake Judge
Canyon Lake, CA

1993: Amateur waterskier meets wakeboard family of Larry Harris

1994: Larry and Kelly start the Canyon Lake Wakeboard Club.
Larry teaches Kelly to judge and the club grows quickly as the industry is booming. Meanwhile Kelly photographs Randy Harris, who is about to turn pro (age 14).

1995: Kelly spends 6 months traveling to dealers in the eastern states as part of the Promo Team for Mastercraft WetJet.

1996: Kelly meets Andrea Gaytan and travels to Florida to visit. Kelly photographs some of the best wakeboarders in the world. She also judged her first pro rider event.

1997, 1998: Kelly judges the European Wakeboard Tour traveling for 2 months each year through several countries. There she met all the greatest riders in that region.

1999-2002: Kelly continued to photograph athletes from around the globe, traveling to 24 countries. Judging our Nationals and with the American Wakeboard Association, including Chief Judge in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

2001: Kelly began attending specialty courses at the Culinary Institute of America, Greystone in Napa. Her career as a private chef keeps her busy to this day.

“They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day”