Shawn Watson


With a style that was both technically progressive and a pleasure to watch, Shawn Watson became one of the most well known and well-travelled wakeboarders of all time. His reputation as a top amateur rider followed him to the pro’s where he immediately distinguished himself as Pro Men’s Rookie of the Year in 1999. In the years that followed he padded his resume with two National Champion titles, numerous Pro Tour wins and stand alone event titles like Wake the Line among many others.

Watson was further distinguished by his long-term relationships with his sponsors throughout his career. He recognized the importance of representing the brands to the best of his abilities and they, in turn, locked him in as he represented himself so positively throughout his career. In fact, Liquid Force made Watson their “Million Dollar Man”, signing him to a then record 10 year service contract, reflected their supreme dedication to Shawn and his identity. Not just by sponsors, but the fans made Watson one of the most popular wakeboarders in history, and he is approaching 2.000,000 miles on Delta airlines having relentlessly travelling as a global ambassador for wakeboarding.