Donald Shelbrick – Executive Bio

Donald Shelbrick – Executive Bio

Name: Donald Shelbrick
Age: 35
Home Spot: South Florida’s Infamous Ski Rixen and Crystal Lake
Years riding: 23 years
Cable or Boat: I have competed in both and continue to enjoy riding both whenever possible.

Park: There are so many amazing places to ride around the world it is hard to choose just one. CWC is a mission to get to but is always worth it in the end.
Legendary boat rider to watch: it’s hard to pick just one so Byerly, Gator, and Thomas Horrell
Legendary Wake Park Rider: Ben Hitch is pretty amazing to watch
Setup – 2010 Premier with Team bindings
Old Vid section – Parks in “12 Honkeys”
New Vid section – Raph Derome in “Beyond Perception” is ridiculous

Couple of Achievements:
-3 consecutive time AWA Cable Wakeboard Tour Champ
-Ranked Top 10 in World for 10 consecutive years in Pro Men division for Wake Park riding on both an international and national level
-2 time Mens 1 WWA World Champion on boat
-7 years to present as a WWA Wake Park World Series International Judge
-Helped build the foundation and grow Wake Park riding in the US and Internationally for the past 15 years

Memo: I am very excited to be a part of this great new adventure helping to preserve the history of wakeboarding while honoring its pioneers from around the world. I will strive to be a significant asset to the wonderful and dedicated team of people working to achieve this common goal! Wakeboarding has given me the ability to travel the world while meeting and learning about so many incredible individuals from different cultures. I am very honored and thrilled with this great opportunity to give something back to this amazing sport and all those who enjoy it as much as I do!

Donald Shelbrick Donald Shelbrick Donald ShelbrickDonald Shelbrick
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