Shaun Moore – Executive Bio

Shaun Moore – Executive Bio

Growing up a surfer in South Florida had its ups and downs. Warm water was always a plus but the amount of swell the area saw was far from good. So at the age of 16 he was introduced to Ski-Rixen in Boca Raton, Fl. There he started riding his surfboard around popping ollies and pretending to slaysh waves. Then one day a long haired Austrailian dude named Shannon came screaming by on this futuristic looking board and blasted an aerial that looked like he was 20 feet high. Shaun was instantly hooked and the thirst to get radical was present.

Years later, Shaun became quite good at riding a Wakeboard. He won the only 2 wakeboard contests he had ever entered at Ski Rixen and was approached by Wake Tech with a sponsorship opportunity. This sponsorship led to Shaun meeting his idol, Scott Byerly. Scott welcomed Shaun to the team and offered a glimpse into what being a pro wakeboarder was all about.

From there Shaun trained at home in South Fl with riders like Shannon Best, Shawn Watson, Darin Shaprio and Tara Hamilton. All was going well until the Spring of 1997. While on a photoshoot with Kelly Kingman, Shaun broke his tibia and fibia while riding. This was devastating to his career. He was laid up in a bed for almost 6 months after multiple surgeries to correct his leg.

All of that down time allowed for Shaun to help out at events in the boat as a judge, thus becoming a judge on the pro-tour. Respected by many of the riders on tour Shaun offered a fair and un-biased approach to judging at pro level contests. This period also allowed Shaun to turn his attention to the business side of the industry as a rep for both Wake Tech and eventually Liquid Force as well as driver of the Liquid Force Trip Across America. Shaun also spent a few years in retail working alongside Tommy Phillips at Tommy’s Surf, Slalom and Guitar in South Florida.

Shaun did go back to competing and ultimately won the 1998 World Championship in the Mens Open division.

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