Tony Klarich – Executive Bio

Tony Klarich – Executive Bio

Tony Klarich has had a lifetime of involvement with all aspects of towed watersports at the highest levels. His breakthrough move was a front flip on a slalom ski in 1984, and in later years he invented more than a dozen new freestyle moves on a ski. He also excelled in kneeboarding, winning 3 National overall titles in the 1980s. Klarich became an expert on his uncle Mike Murphy’s Air Chair in the 1990s, winning pro World titles and inventing dozens of moves including the first combos and Skidder.

In wakeboarding Klarich has made significant contributions as an athlete and creator. Klarich has written dozens of instructional articles and directed the popular 1997 instructional videos “Hyperlite Boarding School 1 & 2.” His “History of Wakeboarding Timeline” is the most complete and documented research on the sport to date. In 1996 Klarich won the WWA National and World Championship in the Masters division, and along the way has developed several new moves. He is currently serving on the founding board of the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame, and is working on “Adventures in Water Skiing: Part 4, Wakeboarding,” documenting his journey with a front row seat to the development of the sport from the earliest years.

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