Pat McElhinney – Executive Bio

Pat McElhinney – Executive Bio

Pat has been a valued member of the board since the beginning and we feel honored to have him. Here are just a few of his many accolades that contribute to our organization:

  • 1991-1992 he attended all of Tommy’s contests
  • Pat was a charter member of the WSA
  • Pro rider for O’Brien. 1992-1998
  • Head of O’Brien Wakeboard division. 1996-1998
  • Wakeboard designer for O’Brien 1994-1998
  • 5-time national champion and 3-time world champion
  • He currently runs the MCELHINNEY WAKEBOARD SCHOOL
  • It is the oldest wakeboard specific school in the world… Est. 1991

Pat McElhinney  Pat_And_Dog Pat_Nose Pat Killin It

Joe Ciaramella
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