Dirty Dozen – The Real Story

By: Pat McElhinney

Dirty Dozen – The Real Story

Over the past years I’ve been asked many times about the Dirty Dozen.┬áStories have been told, articles have been written… But why these guys? Why is there more than twelve in the picture, how could they be responsible for the sport, Who are these guys???

Well here it is– these guys are you, or just like you anyway. You see the Dirty Dozen was just a group of guys that got together ( when few cared) to ride their boards on a certain day. That day was the 1992 worlds. It was Tommy’s second contest in Colorado, and the third World Championships. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the first contest that actually got some attention, and the respect of the industry.

At the end of the day the riders, and two of the judges stepped in front of Tommy’s van for some pics.
A month or so later I find this wooden plack on my kitchen table. On the plack was this picture of the twelve riders, and two judges. Under the pic was a engraved gold plate thanking Tommy for all he had done for us, and signed The Dirty Dozen. As I looked up at Stacey, telling her how awesome this was, she just smiled and said she was gonna give it to Tommy at his next contest. That was Stacey…

So there you go, that’s it, the straight poop, no bull
We weren’t out to change the world, we did not invent a new sport. Some had longer rides than other, but we were all rich with way more passion in our hearts, than dollars in our pockets.
A group of guys, just like your group, only thinking of riding their boards, on that day, at that time.

Go BIG!!! -Pat

Dirty_Dozeen_3 Dirty_Dozen_Trophy

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