WakeREGISTRY Nominations. COVERS (April, 2015)


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Here are the ten finalists for the WakeREGISTRY covers (in chronological order)

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1986: First U.S. Ski boarding Cover. Rider: Tony Finn. Photo: Tom King



1991. First modern wakeboarding cover with 1st World Champ Eric Perez. Photo: Tom King

World Champion Eric Perez - Blender on the Hyperlite


1993. Premier Issue of WakeBoarding Magazine. Riders: Darin Shapiro & David Jennings. Photo: Tom King

WEB LINK: Wakeboarding Magazine “The Throwback,” Summer 1993 Issue



1996. Premier issue of Launch Wakeboard Magazine. Rider: Randy Harris. Photo: Kelly Kingman.



1996.  First board cam cover. Rider: Scott Byerly. Photo: Rick Doyle. another photo from this session went on to be chosen “Photo of the Century” by Wakeboarding Magazine.

scott byerly waekboarding magazine cover board cam rick doyle


1998: First fold out cover. One of earliest sequences of of a 720. Rider: Shaun Murray. Photos: Heather Lee.




2003: Shaun Murray goes mainstream. Wakeboarding Unleashed


shaun murray video game cover wakeboarding magazine















2006. JD Webb jumps Lake Eola fountain. Photo: Garrett Cortese



2007: Amazing Athletes series book. Rider: Dallas Friday. Photo: Mike Isler.

Other superstar athletes in these series include Alex Rodriguez, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Travis Pastrana, and many more.

dallas friday wakeboarding book


2007. Premier issue Standerd Quarterly





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