Honoring and Preserving the best moving and still images in Wake!

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The goal of this brand new project is to assemble the definitive group of the most important images in Wake and preserve them for the enjoyment and education of future generations.

Photos are getting lost, VHS tapes and films are degrading, and the memories of these pivotal events are fading fast. Now is the time to gather them in one place for all to remember: the WakeREGISTRY in the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame.


Focus: historical importance, iconic imagery, breakthrough moments, cultural significance, pivotal events, timeless artistry, etc.

2015 Season: April-July (4 “winners”, 5-9 additional honored images for each category)


  • Categories will be selected each month, and online nominations will be made by the Selection Panel and the general public.
  • The Selection Panel will vote online for the nominated images.
  • The top 5-10 images from each month’s category will be presented on the WHOF website. Each memorable image will include a brief explanation of why it is such an important moment in Wake. Images will also include recognition of the people who came together to create these magic moments.
  • Winning images from each month will also receive special treatment including interviews, back-story, and important photos and links that help to tell the whole story of the event. The winning image in each category will receive also special recognition at the Surf Expo in Orlando this September.


2008 OR OLDER (for 2015 Nominations)

Honored images should be at least 7 years old to have “stood the test of time” and be viewed with some historical perspective.


The April 2015, COVERS


The May, 2015 category is VIDEOS

What videos did you watch over and over? Why were the influential in Wake?


Pointless Posse wakeboarding video Shane Bonifay

The Pointless Posse, headed by Shane Bonifay, took two years to complete this breakthrough video that documented a time of transition in the sport.


Now Accepting Public Nominations: 2008 or older

The public is invited to nominate and upload images via our online form.

Click to Nominate a Video


Now Seeking Qualified Selection Panelists

If you or someone you know is a mover and shaker in the Wake industry, or just plain knows their Wake history, we are now accepting nominations to join our esteemed Selection Panel. We are looking for candidates who are extremely familiar with the important images in Wake, have a background in media, and/or come from outside of the United States.

Selection Panel Application