Meet the WHOF Board of Directors

Recently retired watersports “superdealer” Tommy Phillips recieved  a higher calling to create the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame in August 2014. In just a short time Tommy’s dream has sparked an explosion of interest and support around the world.  Tommy has contacted many key people around the world to help him turn his vision into a reality – it’s time for a Board Meeting!


Click on each board member’s name for their complete bio with photos…


710 TP Shop and Guitar

Tommy Phillips – WHOF creator, founding president


Jim Emmons

Jim Emmons –


Tony Klarich

Tony Klarich – all around waterman, historian, Wake Registry creator


Pat McElhinney

Pat McElhinney – pioneering athlete & coach, member “Dirty Dozen”, 3x world champion


Shannon Best - Cover

Shannon Best – Australian pioneering athlete, creator of “S-Bend”


Jason Buffalow

Jason Buffalo – West Coast promoter and photographer


Donald Shelbrick

Donald Shelbrick – Multiple World Champion Cable and Boat athlete


Shaun Moore

Chris Hawkins

Steven Fisher

Dana Dieter nee Preble